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The Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project, Contracted by CHMC, Officially Began Its Construction

Category:Highlights         Release date:2018.01.31

On January 25, 2018, the Opening Ceremony of the Laos Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project, contracted by CHMC, was held in the Nam Ngum riverside in the Xieng Khuang province.

Picture1. CHMC President Mr. Xiao Ping is giving a speech in the Ceremony

Ambassador of China to Laos, Mr. Wang Wentian, Counselor Mr. Wang Qihui, Minister of Laos Energy and Mines Ministry, Dr. Khammany Inthirath, Governor of Xieng Khuang Province, Mr. Somkot, General Manager of Electricite du Laos (EDL), Mr. Bounoum, CHMC President, Mr. Xiao Ping, CHMC vice President, Mr. Jin Renzhe, and responsible persons from related construction companies, were present in the Ceremony. People from Laos government departments, EDL, CHMC Project Department, related construction companies, totally over 400 persons, attended in the Ceremony.

In the Ceremony, Dr. Khammany Inthirath and Mr. Bounoum, in their speech, said high praise of the practical cooperation between China and Laos in electrical power industry, which contributed great to the Lao social and economical development. They fully affirmed the success achieved by CHMC in the earlier stage of the Project construction, and they showed their thanks to all parties for their hard work in the Project. They required related Lao departments to continue to support and promote the project construction, to ensure that the Project could be accomplished as scheduled.

Mr. Somkot expressed that the Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project was very important to boost the development of Xieng Khuang province, to bring welfare to the local people. All parties in Xieng Khuang province would continuously try best to support the Project construction, spare no effort to coordinate the land requisition, migration, to ensure that the Project could achieve its construction target with a good quality, as scheduled.

Mr. Wang Wentian showed his congratulation to the successful construction starting, and he expressed it was another important project in the practical cooperation between China and Laos. In Year 2017 when General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping visited Laos, China and Laos agreed to build the China - Laos Economy Corridor, and the cooperation in the electrical power industry was significant to forge the China - Laos Economy Corridor. He believed that with the further cooperation between China and Laos in the electrical industry, the power generating capacity in Laos would be enhanced, and the power supporting infrastructure construction would be improved, which would help Laos to achieve its development target as the Storage Battery of Southeast Asia, as well as support Laos to construct China - Laos Economy Corridor. Chinese Embassy in Laos would as always follow with interest and support the Project construction.

In his speech, Mr. Xiao Ping stated CHMC had put into huge human and material resources in the earlier stage of the Project, making the Project survey, building road access to the site, bridge, electrical power supply and temporary construction in site etc, to ensure that the Project would be smoothly implemented. Mr. Xiao Ping said currently all project work proceed orderly, and Mr. Xiao Ping showed his thanks to Chinese Embassy in Laos, Xieng Khuang province government and other local governments, Laos Energy and Mines Ministry and other Laos government departments, and the coordinated parties, for their energetic support in the Project. Mr. Xiao Ping emphasized that CHMC would send mainstay staff, adopt excellent equipment, apply advanced management, insist on Safety, Quality, Efficiency in the Project construction, to build the Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project as a high-quality project, a model of hydropower station construction, a monument to testimony the friendship between China and Laos!

C:UsersDELLDesktop公司承建的老挝南俄4水电站项目正式开工公司承建的老挝南俄4水电站项目正式开工Picture2. Taking a group photo to mark the occasion.jpg

Picture2. Taking a group photo to mark the occasion

The Nam Ngum 4 Hydropower Project is to install three sets of francis turbine generators (each 80MW), with a total capacity of 240MW, and total time limit for the Project is 66 months.

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